Digital menu with QR code

Menù digitale con QR code

Make your business menu smart

Digital menus with QR codes are a viable alternative to paper menus; your customers can scan the code with their phones to quickly access the list of food and drinks available in your establishment. 

They are suitable for any business with a menu or list and each table can be fitted with a code to allow customers to view the food and drink offer without having to wait for the waiter to arrive.

How to create your digital menu with QR code

Create your menu in PDF format, enriching it with information, images, links and give it the graphics you want in line with the identity of your establishment. Log in, register at and easily get your QR code menu by uploading your PDF file to the web app.

Still undecided? Here are a few advantages that may convince you:

Cheaper and more sustainable

It saves you printing and updating costs. This means you can also avoid paper waste, which is good for the environment.

More comprehensive

You can include more information and create an indexed file that takes the customer to the section he or she wants to consult. You can tell them about your dishes and products and don’t forget to dedicate a specific section to allergens.


You can replace your file as and when you want, inserting promotions, novelties and seasonal dishes.


You can give an innovative touch to your restaurant, retaining younger customers who will certainly appreciate being able to use their smartphones.

Less stress

They come in, sit down and consult your digital menu with QR code: this means no waiting for your customers and time savings for you and your employees.

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