Static QR code or dynamic QR code: which type do you need.

QR code statico o dinamico

Difference between a static and a dynamic QR code

We have described in the previous article what QR codes are and how they work. Now let us go into more detail and clear up any doubts about the difference between a static QR code and a dynamic QR code.

Static QR codes store information and data that cannot be changed in the future. They are excellent for personal use or for large-scale creation to be used for employee identification, event and event badges and much more.

In contrast, however, static QR codes are not suitable for business activities or marketing campaigns, as they have no tracking, statistical or content modification functions following their creation.

Here are briefly the main features and differences of these two types of codes:

Static QR code

  • The destination of the static QR code cannot be changed.
  • You can enter the address of a website or the credentials of a Wi-Fi network to connect by framing the QR code.
  • Static QR codes do not allow customisation or access to user statistics and scanning details.

Dynamic QR code

  • You can change the destination of your QR code, while keeping its graphics unchanged..
  • You can link a dynamic QR code to a url or a pdf, mp3, mov or jpg file.
  • You can customise your QR code in shape and colour and keep track of the number of scans.

Are there services to generate QR codes?

Our web app allows you to create free static QR codes, but that’s not all: you can register by creating your own personal profile and generate your own dynamic QR codes that you can edit and customise. The creation of dynamic QR codes requires a paid plan, but to allow you to test the service, we give you the opportunity to create your first dynamic QR code free of charge for up to 100 scans.Discover our different subscriptions here and choose the plan that best suits your needs.