Property market: how to exploit the QR Code tool.

QR Codes for real estate agencies

QR codes are designed to simplify access to important information from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Among the sectors most likely to benefit from these innovative tools are real estate agencies. Their use in this particular market is extensive. Let us look together at the fields of application of QR codes for real estate agencies.

Facilitating sales transactions

The first action of anyone who comes across sales signs is to call the real estate agency to ask for information and learn more about the property. Have you ever thought how much time you could save, however, if the preliminary information about the building was already on the sign, within reach of your customer? 

You can provide them with the ability to scan a QR Code placed inside your sign and access a website or app that offers an in-depth look at the building’s features and contact details for instant appointment requests. In this way the user will instantly receive all the information they need to assess their real interest, saving your agents time and bringing useful traffic to your website.

Improve Open House Event Management

In line with what was said in the previous paragraph, this type of QR code can also be very useful during Open House events: participants have the opportunity to view the property and easily obtain all the necessary information, later supplemented by the descriptions provided by the agents on site.

Expanding the contact network

Adding a QR code vCard to your business cards and those of your agents is the fastest way to grow your agency network. With a quick scan, customers can save contact information on their smartphone. 

You can also put the contact details of the agent responsible for each specific area on your sales cards to make the appointment request faster.

Promote the brand

Promote your business by placing on flyers, magazines or advertisements a QR code linked to a landing page that will show important information about your real estate agency, allowing customers to contact you quickly and efficiently. The use of QR codes could then help improve their productivity and provide a quality service to your customers.