All the advantages of dynamic QR codes.

Tutti i vantaggi di un QR code dinamico

The use of a dynamic QR code has many advantages, particularly when used as a marketing tool for companies. Before we find out how you can use it in your strategy, let us briefly look at what a dynamic QR code is.

What is a dynamic QR code

A dynamic QR code is a type of barcode that can store a large amount of information and its destination, i.e. its content, can be changed and updated even after it has been generated, unlike static QR codes. Learn more here about the difference between dynamic QR codes and static QR codes.

Due to their flexibility, these new generation QR codes are used as a marketing tool for companies. Although in most cases a paid subscription is required to manage these codes, the benefits always far outweigh the price.

The advantages of the dynamic QR code

Have you printed your QR code and now realise that it is linked to the wrong link or do you simply want to change its destination? If your QR code is dynamic, you can do so.

Here are some of the advantages of dynamic QR codes:

  • You can change your QR code as and when you wish, without necessarily having to reprint the code: its graphics remain unchanged.
  • Dynamic QR codes have a tracking function of the scans made by the user. You can know how many people have accessed your content.
  • You can customise the style of your codes by choosing your company colours and logo, thus distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

Are there services to generate dynamic QR codes?

By registering on our web app you can create your personal profile and generate your dynamic QR codes.

Need to change the destination of your QR code? Quickly access your profile and choose the QR code you want to change from the list of your codes.

Why do I need a subscription to generate dynamic QR codes?

The creation of dynamic QR codes requires a paid plan to provide you and your audience with the best possible experience with this tool, as well as timely assistance in case of difficulties or problems.

To allow you to test the service, we have chosen a Free plan that gives you the opportunity to create your first dynamic QR code free of charge for up to 100 scans.

Now that you have finally discovered some of the advantages of dynamic QR codes, discover our different subscriptions here and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

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