Dynamic QR codes

QR code dinamici

Dynamic QR Codes are an evolution of standard QR codes and are designed to make marketing and data collection experiences more interactive and dynamic. Unlike the static type, these dynamic codes can be modified and updated in real time, so marketers can change the content associated with the QR code without having to generate and print a new code.

Dynamic QR Codes how to use them

Dynamic QR Codes can be used in many different applications, from product promotion to events, from information gathering to surveys, and much more. Let’s take some practical examples:

  • A user can create a dynamic QR code that redirects their target audience to a customised landing page within which they can obtain more information or register for an event. 
  • A company could use a dynamic QR code to collect customer feedback via a survey or provide them with a discount code.

Qr code tracking scans

Dynamic QR codes can also be used to track users’ interactions with the code, providing marketers with valuable information about their campaign. A company could in fact use a dynamic QR code to track:

  • The number of times the code has been scanned.
  • The time spent on the landing page.
  • The actions taken by users.
  • The scanning location and the type of device used.

This information can help marketers optimise their campaign and better understand their customers’ preferences. 

Dynamic QR codes can be created using many different platforms. Once created, the dynamic QR code can be easily distributed through a wide range of channels, such as advertisements, email, social media and more.

At a glance

Dynamic QR codes represent a significant innovation compared to standard QR codes, as they offer marketers more opportunities to interact with their customers and gather valuable information. If you are a marketer or a company looking for new opportunities to achieve your marketing goals, this tool is definitely an option to include in your strategy.