3 uses of a dynamic QR code you may never have thought of

QR code salute viaggi animali

A QR Code for the health, travel and safety of your pets.

Dynamic QR codes are designed to make the information they contain as accessible as possible to users via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Particularly suitable as a tool for marketing and event organisation, their use can also be extremely effective in the private sector. 

Are you ready? We give you some ideas on how to make the most of QR codes as a tool in the areas of health, travel and pet safety.

Medical information

Create your own digital medical record and generate a dynamic QR code linked to it. This way you can have all the most important information about your health with you at all times. In case of need, emergency responders can easily obtain data about your condition and save valuable time.

You can also enter your emergency numbers to enable faster communication with your family members.

Once your QR code has been generated, you can print it out and place it in your wallet along with your documents, or attach it to a bracelet or pendant to keep it on you at all times

Travel and luggage

Going on a trip and afraid of losing your luggage? Sometimes it happens that your luggage does not arrive at its destination correctly, particularly during air travel. To make sure you can retrieve your luggage in case this happens to you, you can create a handy identification label on which you can print a dynamic QR code and allow easy access to your data and contacts and be notified in case of loss.

The QR code can contain your travel itinerary, display the necessary information for the return of your luggage in the event of loss, and be updated by you in real time in the event of changes or unexpected events.


A collar with an ID tag is just what you need to keep your four-legged friends safe. You can generate a dynamic QR code for your pets to be printed on their tags, making your contact details easily accessible in the event of loss.

You will also be able to include valuable information that can help the timely intervention of your vet and rescuers in the event of an emergency.

In conclusion

Dynamic QR codes are valuable allies in protecting your life, the lives of your pets and the safety of your personal belongings. 

The doitsquare.com platform allows you to exploit the full potential of these innovative tools.