From PDF to QR code

QR code menu PDF

How and why to create a QR code PDF

By creating a dynamic QR code targeting a PDF, you can easily share your files with a single scan.

The advantages of this functionality are undoubtedly many. Here are a few:

  • Make a large amount of information accessible through a single code: you can create multi-page files containing text, links, images and more.
  • Update and modify the contents of your document whenever and however you want: does the content of your file change? You can upload the new file and link it to your QR code without changing the graphics.
  • Customised graphics: you decide what your PDF will look like.
  • Numerous modes of use, such as:
    • QR code with menu
    • QR code with catalogue
    • QR code with instruction manual
    • QR code with price list

QR code with menu

The most frequent use is certainly the creation of a QR code targeting the menu of restaurants or price lists of bars and hotel rooms. It is in fact a convenient, economical and sustainable solution, especially for those establishments that provide seasonal dishes or drinks. Read the full article.

QR code with catalogue

Create a quick link to your digital catalogue or brochure: show your customers your products and all their details and highlight discounts and promotions.

QR code with instruction manual

No more paper instruction manual tomes either! You can directly link the digital file to the QR code and apply it directly to your machines and objects, perhaps as a sticker. It will thus always be at the user’s fingertips and can be updated by you in real time.

QR code with price list

Do your prices and services/products change quickly? You can change them whenever you want and always provide your customers with up-to-date information.