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Free QR code generator doitsquare

How to generate the right code for your business in just a few steps

You will no doubt have come across a QR code and appreciated its features and advantages that make it one of the most widely used tools in recent years. The ease of accessing information by simply scanning using a smartphone allows it to range across various fields and applications. In this article, you can find out how to generate codes using a free QR code generator.

Free QR code generator: which one to use?

There are now several code generation tools on the web, each with its own characteristics. One of the simplest online tools for generating QR codes is doitsquare, a web app made in Italy that allows you to easily generate all the codes you need.

Among its major advantages we can certainly find:

  • an extremely simple and intuitive interface
  • possibility of creating static and dynamic QR codes;
  • completely free for unlimited generation of static QR codes;
  • absolutely low subscription costs compared to competitors for the generation of dynamic QR codes;
  • high data protection standards;
  • possibility of customisation and access to advanced statistics of dynamic QR codes.

Doitsquare also provides free dynamic QR code generation for up to 100 scans with the Free plan, as well as timely multilingual support via live chat or ticketing management.

Have we intrigued you? Try the doitsquare service without obligation. We are prepared to bet that you will not be disappointed!