A QR code for your CV

QR code per curriculum

Your application is just missing a QR code

A dynamic QR code can have many uses in any field, from business to personal. A good example is the use of a dynamic QR code for your CV. With this tool, you can make your presentation document leaner and lighter, avoiding long and heavy attachments and leaving space only for the most important information or information that needs more emphasis.

How can you make use of it?

With a dynamic QR code on your CV you can allow the recruiter to easily access in-depth content and information about your know-how and your person, directing him/her with a single scan to your complete portfolio, your website or the collection of your certifications and letters of reference.

This could prove to be a very useful tool to differentiate you from your competitors, show you are smart and up-to-date from the start and – why not – maximise your chances of being hired.

Keep an eye on the results!

Do you want to know how your promotion campaign is going? How many people have actually delved into your application? With a dynamic QR code, you can keep track of the number of scans and get an idea of how many recruiters have dwelt on the details of your CV.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity. Go to doitsquare.com to create your QR code and… good luck!