Dynamic QR codes: the potential of this innovative tool.

If you have never used them for personal or business use, you may not be fully aware of the potential of dynamic QR codes. Here are some features of these innovative tools that may convince you to approach this solution.

Small size, great content

Dynamic codes adapt to any print material, as long as a minimum size of 2×2 cm is maintained, a limit below which the QR code does not guarantee readability. Such small dimensions can allow you to apply it on large materials, such as posters and billboards, or on small objects, such as a bracelet or a bottle. With a single scan, you can share a wealth of information and generate an interactive journey with and for your users, as well as prompt them to take action.

Intuitive design and wide customisation possibilities

When it comes to customising your QR code, the colour options are endless. Thanks to the colour selector, you can choose any hue and shade – compatible with readability features – or directly enter a hexadecimal colour code. This design customisation gives you the flexibility to match your QR code to your brand identity. 

And that’s not all: to make your QR code stand out even more, you can download one of the vector formats available and use any graphics tool to add a customised frame and message.

An accessible and mobile-friendly tool

Designed with mobility and mobile devices in mind, the dynamic QR code is easily usable by everyone, even the less tech-savvy. All it takes is a smartphone and a few simple clicks to access its contents. 

These we have listed are just some of the potentialities of dynamic QR codes. To find out more about all the advantages of this innovative tool, we leave you with some in-depth articles below:

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